Get Slim with Swan Skin Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation in Melbourne


Looking for a non-invasive, painless and effective solution to reduce cellulite and localised fat? Swan Skin Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation in Melbourne uses ultrasound technology to break down fat cells below the skin so you can achieve the body of your desires. 

No matter how long you diet or exercise, there might be some amount of stubborn fat lingering around that you can’t get rid of. Swan Skin’s Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation in Melbourne is a completely risk-free alternative to traditional liposuction. There will be no scars and no discomfort.

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Which areas can be treated with Swan Skin Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation in Melbourne?


Fat cavitation treatment is usually used to treat stubborn fat. Target areas for fat cavitation treatment are:

BACK OF THIGHS – FAT CAV & TIGHTENING: Back of thighs fat cavitation and tightening is one of the most common target areas people want to lose that extra fat from. Perfectly toned thighs add an edge to your figure.

THIGH CONTOURING – FAT CAV & TIGHTENING: Excess fat on the front side of your thighs may result in puffiness near your knees. The excessive fats accumulated even result in stretch marks. Thigh contouring can not only remove the accumulated extra fat but also tighten the skin on the targeted area. Get your thigh contouring fat cavitation from Swanskin salon to flaunt your toned legs in a sparkly little black dress or a high-slit gown.

BRAZILIAN BUTT LIFT – FAT CAV & TIGHTENING: Just as the name suggests, the Brazilian butt lifts fat cavitation, and tones your buttocks. It helps you lose extra fat accumulated on your buttocks and gives them a perfect shape. Due to pregnancy or weight gain the buttocks generally gets saggy and lose skin. The fat cavitation method helps you get rid of it and tightens the skin for the perfect hourglass figure so can slay in your bodycon dresses.

HALF BACK CONTOURING: The maximum fat accumulation after you put on some weight happens around the abdomen. The fats accumulated on the sides and the back are extremely difficult to get rid of. Half back contouring fat cavitation helps you get rid of those stubborn fats and achieve a more leaner look. 

HIPS/LOVE HANDLES – FAT CAV & TIGHTENING: The excessive fats around the hips that extend outwards from it are called love handles. Unlike its name, it is not something a person would love having. hips/love handle contouring body cavitation can remove excess fat and tighten the loose skin.

KNEES – FAT CAV & TIGHTENING: The fat accumulation around the knees ruin the look of your legs. You can get rid of it with knee fat cavitation treatment and get a more refined and toned look.

UPPER ARM CONTOURING – FAT CAV & TIGHTENING: Loose, saggy, and flabby arms tend to make people feel underconfident about wearing sleeveless. Get your upper arms contoured with the fat cavitation method to achieve the toned arms and tightened skin you always wanted. It also helps you reduce stretch marks.

UPPER BODY SHAPER – FAT CAV & TIGHTENING: Instead of getting only a few particulars areas treated you can get a complete upper body fat cavitation treatment done to achieve a leaner look, flat tummy, toned arms and back. 

WAIST SHAPER – FAT CAV & TIGHTENING: Waist shaper fat cavitation treatment involves treating the overall waist area front, back, and around the abdomen. This allows you to have a flat tummy to some extent and reduce the appearance of fat accumulated on the sides and back of the waist.

Make sure your target weight is somewhere close to your current weight. The fat cavitation method can only reduce fat to a certain extent, therefore the expectations must be realistic. The fat cavitation treatment is not ideal for people with obesity. 

It helps to alleviate poor blood circulation and oxygenation. It also helps in body contouring.

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How much time do fat cavitation sessions last?


The procedure of the fat cavitation treatment is customized according to the requirements of the customer. Therefore, the duration of the treatment will vary from one person to the other depending on the size of the target areas. However, the standard procedure will take one to three sessions depending on the treatment with a gap of two weeks between each treatment.

The fat cavitation procedure uses ultrasonic waves to break down the fat cells from the target areas. The dead fat cells are then drained out of the body’s lymphatic system gradually. It takes almost six to twelve weeks to notice any visible changes after the treatment.

What is the process of Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Treatment?


Swan Skin’s Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation in Melbourne uses radio frequencies and low frequency ultrasonic waves to form bubbles around the fat deposits. These bubbles then break the fat deposits into glycerol and free fatty acids. Glycerol is reused by the body. Meanwhile, free fatty acids travel to the liver and are subsequently removed as waste.

The skin surface will have a temperature of about 40° (hot shower) and it will be constantly monitored.

The treatment usually lasts for 30-60 minutes. We suggest between 8-10 sessions, once every 4-7 days for best results.

Recovery time is minimal. Some redness may occur for up to 2 hours.

RF Skin Tightening can be combined with Ultrasonic Fat Cavitation Treatment for a wholesome look.

What are the benefits of Fat Cavitation?


The main benefits of Swan Skin ultrasonic fat cavitation in Melbourne:

Spot reduction: reduce fat from specific targeted body parts

Circumference: reduce overall circumference of the body 

Skin benefits: fat cavitation sessions lead to tightening of the skin, a smoother skin and skin contouring.

Reshaped body: when stubborn fat persists, it halts the body from getting the aesthetic look you want. Fat cavitation treatments help to reshape your body.

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What is the average cost of Fat Cavitation in Melbourne?


Fat cavitation is a non-invasive method of fat reduction which automatically makes it the best and most common alternative to liposuction which is a surgical method of removing fats. Liposuction is a medical procedure and hence is more expensive whereas fat cavitation though requires multiple sessions is more affordable in comparison. 

The fat cavitation treatment cost varies depending on the following factors

  • The machine used in the treatment.
  • The expertise and experience of the practitioners.
  • The number of treatments required. 

The average non-surgical fat cavitation with around 10 sessions cost is around $1500. 

The treatment is quite popular among people due to various reasons which include its minimal recovery time, affordable rates and non-surgical procedure, obviously. Each session requires not more than an hour which is another advantage of this treatment. 

You can get the best cost of fat cavitation in Richmond at Swan Skin & Body Solutions. We have highly trained and certified experts to address your needs and affordable fat cavitation cost.

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