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We’ve all got areas on our bodies that we try but just can’t get rid of unwanted fat. Sometimes that fat persists stubbornly for months and years despite intensely working out. Swan Skin 5D laser lipo in Melbourne is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that targets the fat cells in the abdominal area, love handles, arms, thighs, chin, male chest, bra strap or anywhere else you may have stubborn fat. 

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Swan Skin 5D laser liposuction treatments use heat from lasers at various wavelengths to melt the body fat. This is a much different process compared to traditional lipolysis, which involves removing fat from the body using vacuum suction. Besides being non-surgical, the added benefit of non-surgical laser lipolysis is that it enhances the production of the protein collagen and tightens the skin.

Researchers have studied the clinical results from laser lipolysis procedures of more than 2,000 patients over a three-year span. They found that patients overall lost significant fat bulk in different parts of the body and saw an increase in skin tightness. Patients did not suffer from any major complications, though a few complained of minor pain and bruising.

Who are Good Candidates for Swan Skin Laser Lipo in Melbourne?


Laser lipolysis is considered a safe non-surgical procedure for anyone who wants to get rid of excess fat. People with the following conditions are usually not considered suitable for laser lipo: infectious diseases, acute diseases, heart disease and pregnancy. Moreover, you should keep in mind that this procedure results in fast fat removal and inch loss but does not treat obesity.

Swan Skin’s non-surgical liposuction in Melbourne delivers the best results when the skin still has some elasticity. The more one ages, the elasticity of the skin decreases. This would also apply in the case of women after one or more pregnancies or after losing a significant amount of weight. In such cases, a combination of non-surgical laser lipolysis and tummy tuck would deliver the results sought.

Besides lipolysis of the abdomen and thighs, the legs and thighs are very common areas. It can also be performed in the case of men with gynecomastia or enlarged breasts. Lipolysis is becoming as common these days for men as it is for women. 

Which Areas Can Be Treated With Lipo Laser in Melbourne?


Laser lipolysis is not traditional liposuction. It’s a non-surgical technique typically used by women for removing fat from the face, neck, upper arm, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and calves. At Swan Skin Melbourne, men go for laser lipolysis when they want to get rid of fat from the face, neck, chest, abdomen and flanks.

What’s Special About Swan Skin’s Lipo Laser in Melbourne?


It is the latest and most popular non-surgical alternative to old lipolysis methods. 

We believe lipolysis should be as comfortable and non-invasive as possible — without needles, scalpels, or any stitches — all while you’re awake. 

Swan Skin Melbourne provides superior results with no trauma to the treated area. 

Benefits of Swan Skin Laser Liposuction in Melbourne


  1. The completely non-surgical treatment removes fat, decreases cellulite, weight loss, and inch loss 
  2. Promotes and accelerates the body’s natural metabolism 
  3. Skin tightening
  4. Detoxification  
  5. Reduces fatigue 
  6. No major side effects
  7. Fast Recovery times
  8.  No need for diet and exercise
  9. Decreases appearance of stretch marks  
  10. Makes you feel better and more confident inside and out  
  11. Best of all, it’s a non invasive short treatment process

Our 5D laser lipolysis machines are 100% non-surgical and are the safest in Melbourne for spot fat reduction and body contouring.

How Non-surgical Laser lipolysis Works


How does Swan Skin’s laser lipo work to reduce fat in Melbourne? The following is a simplified process of how the non-surgical treatment works.

  1. Fat cells will be in the resting status
  2. The laser irradiates fat cells and penetrates them, resulting in the outflow of intracellular material
  3. Water, glycerol, and free fatty acids are transferred to the mesenchyme space
  4. This results in shrinkage of fat cells

The laser diodes have a patented design to target the fat cells. The laser paddles are placed on the patient’s skin for 15-20 minutes per treatment area. The laser energy safely and painlessly penetrates several millimeters into the subcutaneous adipose or fat tissue layer. The adipose cell walls are made porous for a limited amount of time which allows the cell contents to spill out. The fat is then converted to free fatty acids, water, and glycerol, which is then flushed out of the body.

As you can see, It is a completely safe treatment.

Procedure of Swan Skin  Lipo Laser in Melbourne


Before the non-surgical laser lipolysis treatment, you might need to avoid taking certain kinds of medications for a certain amount of time to lower the risk of complications. Even though this is a non-surgical liposuction procedure, know that smoking can make it harder for your body to heal properly afterward. So refrain from smoking for a few days before the session.

We will take your photos, weight, and your body measurements. During the first consultation, you and your treatment specialist will have determined the treatment zones, and they will be carefully marked. 

The laser lipolysis procedure itself is simple, non-surgical and completely pain-free. The amount of time it will take to complete the procedure depends on how many areas you need to be treated. During the procedure, the specialist will use a device to treat the targeted areas with laser energy.

You can go home on the same day you get your treatment done. Please note that it’s good practice to bring someone with you to accompany you. On the off-chance that you develop a case of mild pain, use a pain reliever such as paracetamol, and it will go away.

After you have laser lipo, you might have some soreness that will gradually disappear in a couple of days. It’s best to limit your activities during that time. 

While It can provide you with effective results, you need to keep in mind that you must be willing to take the proper steps in leading an overall healthy lifestyle.

How Long Do Lipo Laser Results Last?


The end result depends on a number of factors and you yourself play the most important role.

As we mentioned before, Swan Skin laser lipo in Melbourne is not a procedure that will help you to lose a lot of weight. Keeping in mind the safety of the customer, only a limited amount of fat is removed. Thus, it is not at all a treatment for obesity. 

The healthier your lifestyle and the better you take care of your body, the longer your results will last. 

Obviously, your future pregnancies and weight fluctuations will have an effect on the duration of the result.

How is Swan Skin Lipo Laser in Melbourne Different from Others?


There are lots of companies that claim instant results and guarantee that they can help you lose weight quickly and safely. Many of these claims are not only false but can even be dangerous to your health. To be honest, most forms of fat loss treatments, even those which might be non-surgical, can harm the fat cells.

  • We offer free consultations with our treatment specialists.
  • Our customer helpline ensures that you are always in the best of hands.
  • We provide comprehensive guidance every step of the way.
  • We are competitively priced based on our expertise and experience.
  • With over 15 years’ experience of Cosmetic Excellence, you are guaranteed to be in safe hands.
  • Our excellent reputation for customer satisfaction, honest advice and outstanding care means your journey with Swan Skin will be an exciting experience to a newfound shape.
  • We are Trans-Friendly, we welcome everyone 🙂

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At Swan Skin Melbourne, we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our non-surgical 5D Laser Lipolysis or any other topic. Call us and talk to our expert – 0478 105 119

Embrace your curves and say goodbye to stubborn fat with our 5D Lipo Laser Solution

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