What is Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening, Benefits, and Cost?

Fibroblast Skin Tightening

With age, the skin loses its ability to produce elastin and collagen, which contribute to your skin’s elasticity and firmness. This is when Plasma Fibroblast skin tightening treatments play their role, one such kind is the fibroblast skin tightening treatment which is an aesthetic procedure that helps tighten and improve the appearance of the skin and helps tighten the skin without any invasive procedures, which makes it the best alternative to laser, injections, and other surgical procedures.

What is Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening Treatment?

Plasma fibroblast in Melbourne is one of the best skin tightening treatments that focuses on enhancing skin tightness by using a high-energy discharge to make a slight wound in the skin. Pushing the cells called Fibroblasts to restore the skin and preserve its firmness Fibroblast, plasma skin tightening, plasma pen, and Fibroblast Plasma are a few names this procedure goes by.

Benefits of Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening

Plasma fibroblast targets collagen and protein producing cells in the dermis and heals the skin thereby contributing to its firmness and tightness. It aims to aid and heal acne scars, age spots, seborrheic keratosis, wrinkled skin on the eyelids, neck, above the lips and jawline. Its benefits include :

  • Enhances collagen production
  • Makes the skin firmer 
  • Makes the skin look younger
  • Improves skin elasticity and texture
  • Tightens the loose skin on the face and the whole body

How does Plasma Fibroblast Treatment work?

Considering how safe plasma fibroblast in Melbourne is, it is preferred over many other treatments by dermatologists all around the world. The treatment works by penetrating plasma gas into the skin that leaves tiny holes in the skin, causing the skin to tighten and become firm. The treatment is done by applying a local anesthesia cream right before the procedure, after which only the plasma touches the surface of the skin. There is no electric current passed from the applicator into the body, which makes the treatment completely safe for even patients who have a pacemaker fitted.

Why is Fibroblast skin treatment preferred over other treatments?

The main reason why Plasma Fibroblast in Melbourne is preferred over the rest as it takes less time to recover from the procedure, depending on the area that is being treated. The effects of the treatment disappear within 5-7 days, which can usually be treated with makeup, leaving the patient free to go about their daily lives without any discomfort.

Plasma Fibroblast

Is it safe and are there any side effects?

Plasma fibroblast is comparatively safer. However, it is crucial to communicate with the healthcare professional performing the procedure and set realistic goals. In terms of pain, there is no pain associated with the procedure compared to the ones that require one to go under needles, but some people may experience mild discomfort during and post the treatment. And in terms of side effects, no cosmetic procedures come without any side effects. Even though the side effects are very minimal, some people experience redness, swelling, peeling, crusting, and hyperpigmentation while some experience none.

How long do Plasma Fibroblast Theropy last?

You would see mild changes right after the treatment even though the changes aren’t as dramatic and drastic as surgical procedures. As the cell turn over, collagen production increases and the full effect of treatment is expected to be seen usually within three months. The effects of the treatment last up to 3 years.

How much does the plasma fibroblast treatment cost?

The cost of the treatment usually depends on who does the treatment and the area that is treated. If you’re considering getting the procedure done, you can always talk to your health care provider about the number of treatments your skin may need to achieve the goal.


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