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Blackheads are a kind of acne with a black spot on the skin. It is often confused with dirt trapped inside the pores. This misunderstanding leads to unfair treatment, which can eventually cause worsened skin conditions.

The first step to treating blackheads is understanding what it is and how it is caused. When excessive oil and dead skin cells get clogged in open pores, they appear like black spots called blackheads. They generally occur during adolescence due to hormonal changes. It may continue to appear even in the twenties and thirties for some people. It is a prevalent skin issue but nothing that an easy blackhead removal facial cannot treat.

Oil glands(sebaceous) are present all over the body, but blackheads primarily appear on the facial skin( especially cheeks, nose, and chin) and sometimes even on your neck, back and chest. These tiny little bumps do not directly affect a person’s physical health. Still, they might mess with your mental health causing body image issues, an inferiority complex, anxiety, and depression.

Difference between blackheads, pimples, and whiteheads.

As every skin condition has its treatment, it is essential to understand the difference between the various types of acne to treat them accordingly.

Whiteheads: These are tiny little bumps filled with bacteria and sebaceous material trapped inside closed pores. They are small, firm, and white or yellow.

Blackheads: They are also little bumps filled with dead skin cells and excess oil trapped in open pores. The irregular reflection of light on the pores makes them look dark or like tiny black spots. 

Pimples: These are bumps but a little larger than black or whiteheads. They are filled with pus at the top and can leave scars if squeezed or pinched. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to keep your fingers off any acne.

All acne must be treated under experts’ supervision for effective results and to avoid further skin issues. The best way to get rid of blackheads is to opt for a blackhead removal facial, as it would involve an experienced beautician and standard beauty products.

What is a blackhead removal facial?

A blackhead removal or a blackhead extraction facial is a beauty method to eliminate the tiny black spots from your face. A professional would use sterile equipment to extract the clogged and obstructed pores from your skin safely. If you are looking for the best blackhead extraction facial in Melbourne, you must try Swanskin’s services.

Blackhead Removal Facial

What is the process involved in blackhead extraction facial?

While the extraction facial may differ from one professional to another, the general procedure involves:

Cleansing: The procedure begins with an elaborate skin cleansing session using cotton pads, sponges,s or wipes to remove all the external dirt from the skin. 

Skin Analysis: Next, the esthetician will assess your skin to determine your skin type, tone, and condition to treat it as per your needs. 

Steaming: The facial skin is steamed to soften the pores and prep it for further treatment.

Exfoliation: There are two distinct ways to exfoliate the skin, i.e., using a mechanical and chemical exfoliant. Mechanical exfoliation likely involves the massage of a mild face scrub, and a chemical exfoliant is used as a toner or serum. 

Swanskin uses standard chemical exfoliants like Monoi Age Corrective Exfoliating cleanser for best results, making it a go-to place for blackhead extraction facials in Melbourne.

Extraction: Finally, the blackhead extraction is done using sterile equipment. The experience might feel uncomfortable, but it shouldn’t be too painful.

Facial massage: This is the favorite step of all! The esthetician massages the skin after extraction to stimulate the facial muscles. Who doesn’t love a relaxing massage?

Face mask: Next, your beautician will apply a mask that suits your skin type. Most likely, the professional might use something to reduce the visibility of pores in this treatment.

Hydrate: The treatment ends with toner, serum, and moisturizer hydrating the skin.

Benefits of blackhead removal facial

If appropriately executed, extractions have countless benefits, including the few mentioned below.

Removes acne: Well, obviously, that is the goal of the whole treatment and, therefore, the most essential and fundamental benefit of it.

Prevents them from appearing again: If you are regular with pore extraction, the chances of acne appearing again decrease drastically. It reduces pore congestion which eventually prevents any future breakouts.

Improved absorption: Clogged pores prevent the complete absorption of the benefits of any product used on the skin. Extraction cleans the pores and enhances the absorption of beauty products used.

Faster healing: When the acne is extracted with professional treatment, the pores are likely to heal sooner than when the breakouts are popped or squeezed with bare hands.


It is more important to consult a professional for maximum benefits than trying to be one. The facial skin is very sensitive and must be handled with care without taking any chances. Swanskin Salon offers the best beauty services in Melbourne, which you won’t want to miss. Fat cavitation, teeth whitening, plasma fibroblast, and IPL treatment are only a few services you can opt for.

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