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“A smile is the best ornament one can wear”, “ you look best when you smile,” and so on; there’s no end to compliments targeted at your smile. Therefore, you better take good care of it. A smile gets its beauty from the radiance of your teeth. Dazzling white teeth are visible when you smile like the cherry on the cake.

You can get all the makeup done and look all glammed up for special occasions or even generally but without a dazzling white smile, something always seems off or missing. A sparkling set of teeth doesn’t just make you look pretty but also completes your look. It even boosts your self-confidence to laugh out loud without hesitating. 

Teeth whitening treatment is the solution to achieve the desired results. However, you must know a few things before getting the treatment done. For example, what is teeth whitening, how much does teeth whitening cost, what are the factors influencing the price, the best place to get it done, etc.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a professional cosmetic technique that helps you regain your white and bright smile. The process involves a number of steps to remove the yellowish tinge and make it appear more radiant and whiter. If you are wondering how much teeth whitening costs, it entirely depends upon the treatment you have opted for. Even if you practice healthy oral hygiene, over time, teeth get stained anyway due to food, drinks, and age.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Not only the type of treatment you have chosen but the factors mentioned below also determine how much does it costs to get your teeth whitened.

Duration of visible effect: Although whitening strips and toothpaste are very convenient options to get your teeth whitened, these products tend to take time and consistent use to show visible results. This is because the chemicals used in the products for the treatments are in very diluted concentrations. Therefore, they take longer than other professional treatments to show changes, if any and are the cheapest options.

Chemicals used: Hydrogen Peroxide or carbamide peroxide are two of the most commonly used chemicals for teeth whitening. They are bleaching agents used to fight the stubborn stain on your teeth. The concentration of these chemicals in the treatment determines the cost of the treatment. Professional cosmetic teeth whitening treatments use stronger concentrated solutions of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Therefore, these treatments show results immediately after the first session and have higher prices.

Validity of the treatment: The validity of the treatment comes down to chemicals and their concentrations. Professional teeth whitening treatments use concentrated solutions; their validity is longer than other methods. The effect of the treatment stays for approximately eight months, provided you follow the post-treatment care. Cheap over-the-counter products can never offer long-lasting results. 

Swanskin salon provides the best teeth whitening treatment in Melbourne with long-lasting results. Our experienced and certified staff use only standard beauty products to give you maximum results. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Choice of shade: Professional beauty treatments have numerous benefits, and personalization is one of them. If you get a teeth whitening treatment by a specialist, you even get to choose the shade of white you would like to wear. This is a feature that won’t be available in whitening strips or toothpaste.

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Teeth are structures that only appear solid but consist of numerous pores on the surface. Over time due to food and drinks, stain accumulates on the teeth’ surface, which seems like a yellowish tinge. Teeth whitening helps clean up stains and make your teeth brighter than usual. A beautiful white smile boosts your self-confidence in ways you don’t even realize. It makes you look more attractive, and you don’t hesitate to laugh out loud in front of others. Therefore, think less about how much does teeth whitening costs and more about how you can keep your smile beautiful, bright, and healthy.

Swanskin’s Puresmile teeth whitening treatment gets you the desired results at the best rates in Melbourne. We also offer other services like fat cavitation, microdermabrasion treatments, IPL hair removals, etc. Contact us now to book an appointment!

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